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Authors: India Schneider-Crease, Randi H. Griffin, Megan A. Gomery, Thore J. Bergman, Jacinta C. Beehner
Infection with the tapeworm Taenia serialis in geladas (Theropithecus gelada) is often characterized by large, protuberant cysts full of parasitic larvae. Longitudinal research on ... read more
Authors: Vittoria Estienne, Colleen Stephens, and Christophe Boesch
Great apes are outstanding in their tool use skills. Given their phylogenetic closeness to humans, they represent a crucial model for understanding the evolution of the cognitive abilities associated ... read more

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Neufuss, J., Humle, T., Cremaschi, A., Kivell, T.L. Nut-cracking behaviour in wild-born, rehabilitated bonobos ( Pan paniscus ): a comprehensive study of hand-preference, hand grips and efficiency. DOI: 10.1002/ajp.22589


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